Photographic Alchemies

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From 150 years since the birth of photography, it seems that nothing manual has remained of that which has made it is history. The photographic man is about to be swept away by the digital man? And yet we still believe in the close relationship between image and support, we feel the need to explore photographic spaces beyond the frontiers. We are sure that the limits upon the photographic man are unattainable; as are unlimited his fantasy and creativity.  

                                                         Lolli & Bert

- © Lamberto Formiconi
- Mordancage Toners -

6 Internationaler fotosalon "music und Tanz heute"
of Burghausen '91


They are and will be guests of this site, 
those authors of art prints that share
with us the "handmade", creative 
and artistic vision of photography, 
from the ancient printing techniques
to the fine-art and beyond