Photographic Alchemies

Photographic techniques Alternatives and Creatives






Lamberto Formiconi (Bert)


Born in 1946. Microbiologist and chemical researcher, since being drawn to photography in the early 80's, starts rediscovering and experimenting alternative photographic processes. Salted papers, gum dichromate prints, B/W prints tinted by mordancage toner, are techniques that have created the history of photography. Yet, in those years and particularly in Italy, are almost completely ignored. Formiconi is encouraged to try personal ways through the modification of ancient recipes and fine-tuning original procedures, sharing them in workshops, specialized magazines, group and personal shows.


Loretta Sedran (Lolli)


Born in 1952. Chemist and researcher, in 1982 is the start of her passion for photography: At first focalizing attention on print cromatisms in Cibachrome maturing within the reproduction stage a personal framing of particulars. Successively, her creativity is favored by dark room experiments in B/W printing techniques. She enters into alternative photographic prints world dedicating attention to Vandyke processes. Currently, lith-prints allows her to experiment new forms of expression.

Roberto Lavini


Born in 1956 and photographer since 1975, is owner of the fotographic studio "Camera Chiara" of Arezzo since 1993. Graduate of the DAMS (Visual Arts) of the University of Bologna in 1982, where he followed photographic technique university courses with Italo Zannier. His works have been published in books and magazines, and he experiments in alternative photographic processes. Roberto is interested in photographic history, conservation and restoration.


Werther Zanbianchi


He was born in Osimo in 1950 and his photographic commitment, which began more than 20 years ago, has developed into two areas: black and white photography, based on the profound knowledge and execution of Ansel Adams zone system, and the alternative photographic processes that, since 1975, is amongst the first to use in Italy. In 1990 he finishes his research and reveals the mysteries on resinopigmentype. He participates in numerous personal and group shows.